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August 8, 2017
Dear Members & Friends of Canoa Ranch Golf Club and Torres Blancas Golf Club:
Last month I was expectantly looking forward to the start of our monsoon season, and our wish was granted with a great monsoon season so far.  The monsoons arrived at just the right time, because on Sunday July 9th we lost our submerged motor and pump within the Torres Blancas well.  A new submerged pump and motor was installed, after a process was completed to clean up the interior walls of the well casing.  On Tuesday August 1st the well was back online, at an unanticipated cost of $54,000.  We certainly appreciated the timeliness of the monsoons during this outage.
On Wednesday July 19th we did get our Canoa Ranch golf shop reopened, although on a very bare bones basis.  Because of continuing dust and construction debris, we’ve chosen to not completely fill the golf shop immediately with merchandise, but will fill it gradually after over-seed. 
Many have inquired about our 2017 fall over-seed dates.  Torres Blancas over-seed dates are Monday September 4, reopening on Saturday September 16th, with an anticipated cart-path only  through Sunday September 24th.  Canoa Ranch dates are Monday September 18, reopening Saturday September 30th  with an anticipated cart-path only through Sunday October 8th.
Friday July 28th was to be our occupancy date for the Canoa Ranch clubhouse, and on Thursday July 27th it was evident that the restoration was not ready for an inspection by either Pima County Health or Building departments.  Our general contractor is continuing their restoration work, and a preliminary Health Department inspection is scheduled for today August 8 at 10AM.  Overall the main focus of the restoration is now in the kitchen itself, with all kitchen equipment on-site and being installed.  After missing about five occupancy dates which have all been provided by the general contractor, it is difficult to estimate our reopening date.  We will keep you all apprised with reopening information as it becomes available.  We are almost done, and really looking forward to being back in the clubhouse just as much as you all.
Two items from a maintenance perspective deserve mention.  There are three holes on Canoa Ranch that we have seen with boot prints.  During the week of July 24th, we had a John Deere ProGator develop a slow master cylinder leak, almost unnoticeable.  However, the fluid leak worked its way onto the vehicle floor board and was not noticed by our staff member, who then walked across three separate surrounds/greens before it wore off his boots.  The toxicity of the fluid killed the grass plant, but surrounding Bermuda will regrow.  Also on Canoa Ranch, you probably noticed bare ground surrounding the #7 green.  We had purposely applied a specific chemical, that would eliminate the winter rye so we could see exactly what the Bermuda grass base looked like.  We applied the chemical exactly at the recommended dosage, and found that our winter rye had completely choked out the Bermuda base around the #7 green.  Now with the winter rye dead, the Bermuda will start growing back quickly. 

During the summer months we have experienced several conflicts about pace of play expectations.  For a group of 4 golfers, we use 4 hours and 10 minutes as our guideline for an acceptable pace of play at both Canoa Ranch and Torres Blancas, which applies all year long.  There sometimes is an expectation that people “must” play a round faster in the summer, which is not accurate.  Several groups have lodged complaints about being hit into by players from behind them.  The USGA has issued Proposed Rule 5.6 which would encourage prompt pace of play.  All leagues and individuals could benefit from reviewing these proposed guidelines.

Upcoming member events to note on your calendars, with detailed information to be sent out, so please save the dates:
     Sat Aug 19, 2017 at CR – Beat the Staff - Member Golf Tournament
                   Date moved because CR restoration wasn’t done on time.
                   ($200 per player off future membership, for only the “top” team that beats the staff)

     Sat Sep 9, 2017 at TB – Hawaiian Luau Golf Tournament & Dinner

     Sat Oct 14, 2017 at CR – Orange Ball Halloween Scramble - Early Halloween Theme – oh yes, and costumes
Our 2018 membership program has been announced on August 1st, with a good number of memberships already renewed at Canoa Ranch.  Many thanks to all who have already renewed, or are considering renewal.

As always, my thanks to all of you for the support you provide, and the patience you have had as we continue to make improvements at both Canoa Ranch and Torres Blancas.
Mike Cochran
General Manager – Canoa Ranch & Torres Blancas