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July 8, 2021

Dear Passholders & Friends of Canoa Ranch and Torres Blancas Golf Clubs:

Summer can be brutal, with blazing hot air temperatures, and little moisture.  We are still looking forward to seeing a good monsoon season.  Last’s years monsoon season was a bust, resulting in a huge amount of extra water used from June – October 2021.  The lack of a good 2020 monsoon, resulted in an extra $57,000 water payment for Canoa Ranch.

Independence Day, also called Fourth of July or July 4th, in the United States, the annual celebration of nationhood.  It commemorates the Declaration of Independence, freedom from British rule on July 4, 1776.  Independence Day is celebrated this year on Sunday, July 4, 2021 in the United States.  I hope all had fun with your neighbors and friends as our national Independence was celebrated.

Over the past month we have experienced some major air conditioning outages.  Back in 1995 when Torres Blancas was first built, no air conditioning was installed in the kitchen, just a swamp cooler that makes it incredibly hot during the monsoon season.  On July 15-17, Oasis Heating & Cooling will be installing the first air conditioning unit that the Abrego Grill kitchen has ever had.  So please mark your calendars, noting that the Abrego Grill will be unavailable for these dates.  So please visit Canoa Ranch for your dining needs July 15-17.

Canoa Ranch was built in approximately 2003, and four of our original air conditioning units went bad about 2 weeks ago.  Oasis Heating & Cooling has assisted us again, obtaining and installing four new air conditioning units by July 1st.  This has made Dale, MJ, Lynn, Alex and Wendy very happy staff members at Canoa Ranch, and Bethany, Javier and Mike H feeling cool at Torres Blancas.  Total cost between Torres Blancas and Canoa Ranch for the new A/C units is $55,000.

We’re in July now, with all the associated higher heat and humidity.  Please keep in mind that if you keep your golf clubs in the car or the trunk, the higher heat breaks down the epoxies used to hold club heads to shafts.  It’s not uncommon for golfers who keep their clubs in their cars to lose a clubhead during the summer months, so just a note of caution for you.

Everyone has read my prior discussions concerning Arizona Proposition 206 (otherwise known as the mandatory minimum wage law) which was passed by Arizona voters in November 2016.  Effective 1/1/17 through 12/31/20 the mandatory minimum wage increased by 49%, then a mandatory minimum 1.25% increase based on the increased cost of living index, resulting in a 50.25% labor cost increase in just 5 years.  For 2022, based on preliminary federal cost of living increases, we are anticipating a 5.32% cost of living increase with likely corresponding increases to passholder and public rates.  Overall, that is a 55.5% increase in labor costs in just 6 years.

Jon Vayre and Mike Hertel provide Golf Schools, Academies, and Clinics.  Please visit our websites for further information.  If you need help with any part of your game give Jon a call at 520-235-9821 or email at jonvayre@icloud.com , or call Mike H at 520-222-4700.  Jon is now a certified PING fitter, so if you need a new set of clubs, or maybe just a new putter or wedge, please give Jon a call.

This months’ quote is shared by a local staff member, “Happiness is a glass of cold water after a hot round of golf in the summertime.”  Please stay hydrated, and visit us in either Grill on The Green at Canoa Ranch or Abrego Grill at Torres Blancas.

As always, my thanks to all of you for the support you provide and the patience you have had as we continue to make improvements at both Canoa Ranch and Torres Blancas.  Be safe, enjoy life and your golfing experience with us!

Mike Cochran - General Manager
Canoa Ranch & Torres Blancas

520-352-1031 (office)